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Our mission is to offer a service that meets your needs by providing you with a professional child visitation monitor who is 1) concerned about the welfare of your child(dren), 2) ensures that your child(ren) have safe, enjoyable and stress free visits, and 3) values the safety of children and believes it is our duty to offer a private service of integrity, ethics and professionalism.


Before the first visit each parent will meet separately with the monitor to go through the Intake Interview.  The purpose of the Intake Interview is to discuss the details of the case and provide each parent with an understanding of the process.  A copy of the court order, as well as other documents will be requested prior to the Intake Interview.  The flat fee for each parent is $40.00 (60 minutes per intake).


Off-site monitored visitations will take place at locations mutually agreed upon by both parents and in accordance with the court orders.  Common locations include, parks, playgrounds, malls and restaurants. The hourly rate can range between $50 and $85 depending on the special circumstances surrounding the case. The actual rate will be provided once the Court Order is reviewed.


Monitored exchanges are defined as the transfer of the child(ren) from one parent to another with neither parent making contact with the other.  The monitor is present at the exchange only. The visit between the non-custodial parent and the child(ren) is unsupervised. The actual rate will be provided once the Court Order is reviewed.  Call for Pricing.


Upon receiving a court subpoena Angel Watch Child Visits will appear in court and provide testimony based on observations and notes taken during monitored visitations. Monitor fees range from Half Day to Full Day. Call for Pricing.

Hours of Operation:
7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year
Telephone Number:

Servicing the Following Areas:
Los Angeles and Orange Counties
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